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Ep 27 - Mama Bear

In this episode I talk about how when my husband died I broke all the rules, how i just do what I can to show my son love and how the part of parenting I struggle with the most is letting him fail.

If this were real life, I think I would be harder on him. I would have more rules and consequences. I would expect more from him in the way of chores and help around the house. I would know when he was manipulating me and stand my ground. But his dad died and it changed the way I parent him. At first I broke all the rules. I just wanted to do whatever I could to make him feel better. Buy him things. Say yes to everything. Go out of my way to try to make him happy. And he’s already so hard on himself that it makes it hard to discipline him.

I just do what I can to show him love. I keep him on track and try to be consistent even though I still want to break all the rules. I make mac 'n' cheese when he's feeling down. He has therapy twice a week. We have a schedule. He takes personal days from school when he gets overwhelmed. Sometimes we eat dinner in front of the TV. Don't even get me started on screen time. He sleeps in my bed with me. We have basic house rules. And we just do our best. We take each day as it comes. Sometime we are on hikes or at petting zoos and other times we are recovering from being out in the world. I tell him I love him no matter what. I am honest with him. I make jokes. I try to be patient. He sees that I have bad days too. I tell him what he feels is normal and that I feel that way too.

This is the part I struggle with the most. Letting him fail. Letting him do things the hard way when I know of a better way.

Listen to the full episode here:

My Messy Little Life Podcast Ep 27 - Mama Bear

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