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Ep 31 - Teachable Moments

In this episode I talk about how people are mostly not okay right now, how there was a time that I was triggered by everything and how I'm trying to get better about asking for and accepting help.

Maybe it’s because of the communities I belong to on social media for loss and mental health and parenthood. I mean, you wouldn’t believe some of the stories I’ve heard. The tragedies that I never imagined could exist. The diversities and the hardships. The cruelty of others. But the more I interact with people and the more I stop to take a look around, the more I see that people are mostly not okay right now. Because of the pandemic. Because of politics. Because of personal circumstances.

I remember a time where I was triggered by anything and everything. I felt raw and overly sensitive. I was insulted by nonchalant comments like shoot me or I would kill myself if that happened. I was disgusted by the gesture of someone pointing their fingers to their head like a gun when they were bored.

I’ve been working on getting better at asking for and accepting help. But it’s hard. For some reason I need to prove to the world that I can do it. And I’ve been let down so many times in my life that it’s easier not to rely on anyone else. But here I was offering a perfect stranger help and it felt great. I was genuinely happy to help.

Listen to the Full Episode here:

My Messy Little Life Podcast Ep 31 - Teachable Moments

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