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Ep 33 - Ice Breaker

In this episode I talk about how I usually get anxious during summer and other long breaks from school, how I do not like to cry in front of people and how fifth grade is when my son really started to shine.

It is day ten of my son’s summer vacation and it feels like day ten thousand. I am exhausted, disorganized and out of sync. I usually get extremely anxious during summer or any long break from school. It’s the lack of structure that gets me. I am used to my schedule. I like my routine. I drop him off, I do my thing, I pick him up. Now I hardly know which end is up. It’s actually been good so far there has just been nothing consistent about it. And he’s been with me the entire time.

I do not like crying in front of other people. It makes me feel weak and dramatic and out of control. And the closer we got to the ceremony the more anxious I started feel. But the more I talked about it to my therapist and to my friends, the more I realized what an emotional day it would be for everyone. And that it was more than likely that other parents, and family members and teachers would all be emotional that day. And that it was okay, which gave me an idea. What if I showed up that day planning to cry. Knowing that it was going to happen. And letting it be okay.

Fifth grade is where he really started to shine. I could see him using some of the tools he has learned in therapy and really start to come out of his shell. It’s been one adjustment after another for this kid and it hasn’t been easy. He has made huge strides and it’s been amazing to watch his transformation.

Listen to the Full Episode here:

My Messy Little Life Podcast Ep 33 - Ice Breaker

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